Sheekhall Gandershe (Somali: Shiikhaal Gendershe Arabic:شيخال غاندارش) also known as Reer Aw Garweyne are a Benadiri/12 Koofi clan mainly from the southern coastal cities of; Gendershe, Marka and Mogadishu and have established communities in the hinterlands in towns such as Afgooye and the villages around it due to trading and farming.


The Reer Aw Garweyne, who are more commonly known as Shiikhall Gendershe get their name from the town in which their patriarch first settled in (Gendershe). The tomb of their ancestor Aw ‘Ismaan Garweyne (big beard) is also buried in this village synonymous with this clan and it’s destination of siyaaro (pilgrimages) to venerate their ancestor Aw ‘Ismaan.

Notable People

  • Maxamed Sheekh Jamaal Cabdulaahi, Mayor of Mogadishu from 1956 to 1960 and the first Somali mayor of the city.


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