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The Origins of Barawa

Overview Barawa is located in the Southwest of Somalia, and southernmost city of the Banadir coast. It lies approximately 200km south of Mogadishu and 100km

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The Walls of Mogadishu

The city states of Mogadishu, Barawa, Marka and Kismayo were at one point all surrounded by walls. This was a systematic approach by the Sultan

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Picture 1. A picture of the Palace compound (the 3 buildings) taken around 1950s.

The Palace Museum, Zanzibar

Written by Riadh A. AlBusaidi, April, 2018 After the 1964 Zanzibar revolution, the Sultan’s Palace was turned into a museum. I have read articles and

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Biida Clan

Sheekhal Gendershe Clan

Sheekhall Gandershe (Somali: Shiikhaal Gendershe Arabic:شيخال غاندارش) also known as Reer Aw Garweyne are a Benadiri/12 Koofi clan mainly from the southern coastal cities of; Gendershe, Marka and Mogadishu and have established communities

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