Barawa Celebrates Opening of Masjid Mama Aisha – Adding to its Rich Islamic Heritage

Barawa, Banadir City – Today, the community of Barawa gathered to celebrate the opening of Masjid Mama Aisha, a newly constructed mosque located near the water well of Haji al Waani. The inauguration ceremony took place in 22nd February 2024, marking a significant milestone in the town’s rich Islamic history.

The mosque holds a special significance as it was constructed in honour of Aisha Bint Umar who passed away. Her devoted children initiated and funded the construction of this mosque as an ongoing endowment, a lasting testament to their love and appreciation for their late mother.

The community invited Ustaadh Ahmad ibn Abraar from the United Kingdom to deliver the first Friday sermon at the mosque on 23rd February 2024. Ustaadh Ahmad emphasized the importance of building mosques and the inherent role they play in nurturing a strong Islamic Civilisation.

In an interview with TV Barawa, one of Aisha’s sons expressed his joy and gratitude, stating, “This is a wonderful day, and it will not be the first mosque that will be built [in Barawa].”

The community holds Hamadi Abu Deera Abubakar Salim Said in high regard, considering him the key figure behind the successful construction of this new mosque. Hamadi’s commitment and dedication to this project have been recognized by all, and his actions have inspired others to contribute to the community’s ongoing charitable causes.

Masjid Mama Aisha adds to the resplendent collection of mosques in Barawa, further solidifying the town’s reputation as an Islamic stronghold. Barawa is historically renowned for its numerous Mosques, which produced various Islamic scholars and teachers. The construction of this mosque is yet another testament to the town’s devotion to Islam and its commitment to preserving its Islamic heritage.

As the doors of Masjid Mama Aisha bint Umar open to the faithful, the community of Barawa rejoices in this momentous occasion. They extend their heartfelt appreciation to Aisha’s children, and all those involved in the construction of this mosque.

May Allaah shower His mercy on Maama Aisha and reward her Children.

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