In this transcribed oral history recorded originally from a Bajuni Shaykh, we learn of a story that details the origin of many towns on the Banadir as well as the Swahili coast.IntroductionThe author is Shaykh Fāḍil bin ʿUmar al-Bawrī from Pate Island in Kenya which is close to the border with Somalia.

Barawa has long been a hub of the Qadiriya Sufi tariqa and was a preeminent centre of 'ilm and scholarship in Somalia. With the advent of European colonialism the Italians occupied the Banadir coast and soon formed 'Italian Somaliland' in 1889. Missionaries opened a school in Barawa in 1908 and began

Ahmed ben Aboubakar ben SuméitHe was three years old, when Otto Kerstan, a German explorer met his father, the Aboubakar ben Abdullah ben Suméit, in 1864 at Itsandra Mdjini (Ngazidja Comores). His father Aboubakar ben Sumeit is from Shiban city in Hadharmout (Yemen) and grandfather of Al Habib Omar

Barawa, with its culture, traditional clothing, dishes and language, have always stood out in it's distinction with her respective neighbours in the Banadir Coast, although customs and traditions were always shared and the apparent relations was always present in the coast between the cities, some customs

The Portuguese arrival in the Indian Ocean in the 1490s paved way for a power struggle in who controlled the ocean, major changes into the monopolisation of the ocean was when they came into contact with the Banadir ports. Trade and strife would set a heavy dent on the interaction they had until their


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