List of Banadiri Clans

Banadiri Clans can be found from Warsheikh all the way down to Kismayo of the Southern Coast of Somalia. A vast majority of them reside in Mogadishu, Marka and Barawa, this is subsequently due to the historical origins of these cities.

Below is a simplified list of Banadiri clans categorized by the cities they are found in, it is worth noting that although pockets of Banadiri clans would be found all across the Banadir region, this categorization of cities is linked to where they are the majority, this historical connection to that city, and based on a confederacy.

The Benadiri people split up into three major confederacies, named after the towns in which its based in. Each of these confederacy is made up of clans that can also be found in other town umbrella’s in the example of Asharaf, Haatim, Reer Faqi and Shanshiyo, these clans can be found among all 3 major confederacies (Shanshiyo and Reer Faqi are part of the Biido confederacy in Barawa).

We will start off with Reer Xamar (Mogadishu).

Reer Xamar

  • The Reer Xamar
    • Abakaaro (Haatim sub clan)
    • Abdi Samad
    • Ali Mohamed
    • ‘Amuudi
    • Asharaf
    • Askarey
    • Aydarussi
    • Bandhaboow (a confederacy of 7 clans)
      • Amin Khalaafow
      • Bahar Suufi
      • Oontiro
      • Sheybo
      • Quruwaaye
      • Ahmed Nur
      • Ali iyo Mohamed
    • Ba Fadal
    • Ba Hamish
    • Ba Sadiq
    • Dhabarweyn (3 clan confederacy)
      • Wabaas (3 clan confederacy)
        • Reer Aw Bakar
        • Reer Misgal
        • Reer Makaran
      • Mohamed Jibril
      • Haaji Qarar
    • Gudmane
    • Indho Weyne (4 clan confederacy)
      • Reer Rooblow
      • Reer Cali Musa
      • Mussa Haaji
      • Aw Mumin Hassan
    • Moorsho
    • Qalmashube (3 clan confederacy)
      • Haji Ibrahim
      • Haji Abdi
      • Baaqashwa
    • Reer Faqi
    • Reer Haaji
    • Reer Manyo (Confederacy of 6 clans)
      • Reer Macow (also known as Ba Muqtar)
      • Reer Shaawis
      • Reer Omar
      • Reer ‘Aafi
      • Reer Haaji
      • Reer Hassan
    • Reer Shiikh
    • Reer Shaykh Muminow
    • Saddeh’ Geedi
      • Aadan Dheere
      • Reer Cabdulle
      • Reer ‘Awaale
    • Shanshiyo
    • Shaamsi

Reer Marka

The Reer Marka group are also known as locally and politically as 12 koofi iyo mashayikh (Somali: 12 caps and 3 Sheikhs); there are currently 15 clans in the traditional elder council. With the clan group Reer Maanyo being considered one despite they themselves being a confederation of 4 different clans in the city of Marka.[10]

  • The Reer Marka
    • Gaameedle
    • Ahmed Nuur
    • Duruqbo
    • Asharaaf
    • Reer Khadiib
    • Fasahaale (More commonly known as Kafaari)
    • Garjanti
    • Haatim
    • Juunji
    • Reer Manyo
      • Reer Macow (also known as Ba Muqtar)
      • Reer Shaawis
      • Reer Omar
      • Reer ‘Aafi
      • Reer Haaji
      • Reer Hassan
    • Shiikhaal Jaziira
    • Shiikhaal Gendershe
    • Shiikhaal Aw Cusmaan
    • Shanshiyo
    • Shukureere
    • Qalmashube

Reer Barawa

  • The Reer Barawa
    • Biido
      • Ra Waali
      • Ra Ma’limu
      • Gabro
      • Ra Mashaanga
      • Reer Faqi
      • Ra Shaqali (Ra Baqtiile, Ra Duressa)
      • Cabdi Shuqaale
      • Ra Bakari (Ra Nurshe, Ra Raabe, Ra Banawari)
      • Ba Sadiq
      • Raa Mkaawu
      • Zimarka
      • Ra Mgumi
    • Haatim
    • Asharaf



The Benadiri people are primarily and traditionally based on the southern coastal towns of Mogadishu, Marka and Barawa where Reer Hamar, Reer Marka (12 koofi) and Reer Barawa confederacies are traditionally based. They can also be found in Warsheikh and other coastal towns between Mogadishu and Barawa such as Jaziira, Abaay Dhahaan, Dhaanane, Jilib Marka, Gendershe, Munghiya and further south in the town of Kismayo. Off the coast Benadiri people are also found in towns such as Afgooye, Genale, Bulo Burto, Mahadei Weyne, Balcad, Jowhar, Beled Weyne, Diinsor, Bur Hakaba, Baidoa,[12] Bardheere, Buale, Jilib, Jamaameand villages surrounding these towns.

In Mogadishu the Benadiri people are primarily found in the 2 oldest districts of the city: Hamar Weyne and Shingani. However they also have a large presences in adjacent districts to the ancient districts of Mogadishu such as ‘Abdiaziz, Shibis, Boondheere, Hamar Jajab, Waaberi and Madina. With the Benadiri presences in these districts being made of both the native reer Xamars and other Benadiri people who had moved to the city after the expansion that came with it being made the capital of Somalia.

The above information can also be found on Wikipedia where we regularly upload and update. In the coming days, a further analysis would be conducted on each clan, in scope of their origins, their history and key facts about them.

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