Sheikh Qassim Muhidin Al-Barawi (1878-1922)

Sheikh Qassim al Barawi was born in Barawa from the Raa Waa’ili clan, he was famously known for the many Qasa’id (Religious Poems) he wrote. He was multilingual so wrote poems in both Arabic and Chimbalazi (Barawa language), and Somali, it is said that he was the first to write the standard Bravanese Language spoken today in the Arabic Grammar, it was written in an old Persian form before. He translated many Arabic writings in the Barawa Language for ease of access to knowledge, such as the Chimbalazi version of Al-Busiri’s “Hamziya”.

Today his poems in arabic are published in a collection known as ‘Majmuu’at at al-Qasaa’id’. This includes a munaaqib he wrote dedicated to his teacher Sheikh Uways Al Barawi titled Ta’nis al-jalis fi manaaqib al Shaykh Uways.

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