he Reer Manyo are confederacy of clans based in the southern coast of Somalia, primarily in the cities of Mogadishu and Merca and the towns and villages between them. [1]


Reer (Somali: Family) and Manyo (Somali: Sea), the etymological meaning of this clan confederacy immediately shows they are a group of people dedicated to the sea. [2]

Reer Manyo Clan

Reer Manyo men in Marka in 1911

Clan Tree

The Reer Manyo are made up of 6 clan groups, where 4 are found in Mogadishu (primarily in the Abdiaziz District, Shingani District, Hamar Weyne District, Karan District and Hamar Jajab district) and 4 are found in Merca and its surrounding villages (2 clans are found in both Mogadishu and Merca). [3] The clans that make up Reer Manyo are:

  • Reer Macow (also known as Ba Muqtar)
  • Reer Shaawis
  • Reer Omar
  • Reer ‘Aafi
  • Reer Haaji
  • Reer Hassan


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