Mwana Fatima Hadji Mbarawa was the grandmother of Mwana Fatima (photo) bint Said Abdallah ibn Said Bakar ibn Mwigni M’kou. The name “Mbarawa” on her surname which was associated with his father Hadji’s first name, seems to refer to the city of Barawa on the Banadir Coast.

Kana-Hazi, in his critical presentation of Mbadjini’s history chronicle, tells us on page 27, that ancient marital alliances were ‘formed on the African continent, towards Barawa (South Somalia and North of the Swahili Coast)’ between several Clans claiming to be of Chirazian (Shirazi) ancestry, mixed with Bantu and Arab groups. According to Kana-Hazi, the Chirazian groups were driven out of Persia during the advent of the Bouwaids in 975.

Kana-Hazi continues adding that, “These clans, often dignified, evolved autonomously and migrated south [of the coast], before approaching the Comorian islands.”

And we do not know, from what century the word “Barawa” or “Mbarawa” appeared in the Comoros, which let it pass as one of the testimonies or connections of the Comoros islands with the eastern coasts of Africa.

It would appear that, Batouli wa Mhudini wa Mwigni M’kou, daughter of Mwana Fatima Hadji Mbarawa, only gave her daughter (Moina Fatima (photo) wa Said Abdallah wa Said Bakar) his mother’s name: Moina Fatima Hadji Mbarawa.

Was she from the Banadir Coast? From this place named Barawa?

Written by Said Bakar Mougné M’kou

Image: Moina Fatima, Said Abdallah, Said Bakar and Mwigni M ‘ kou.
Photo Credit: Housni Said Salim
Sources: Kana-Hazi, Damir Ben Ali.

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