Arabs were amongst the Earliest Inhabitants of The East African Coast Prof Ibrahim Noor Al Bakry

Prof Ibrahim Noor Al Bakry
  • The speaker discusses the historical roots of the Arab presence on the East African coast, challenging misconceptions about the origins of the region’s inhabitants.
  • He emphasizes the Arab influence on the Swahili culture, highlighting the use of Arabic language and architectural styles in the region’s cities.
  • There’s a discussion on the complexities of identity in East Africa, with the speaker questioning why certain groups attempt to downplay Arab history and influence in the region.
  • Discrimination against Arabs and those associated with Arab culture is discussed, with examples provided from historical and contemporary contexts.
  • The importance of knowing one’s history and identity is stressed, as the speaker argues that ignorance and division contribute to ongoing tensions in the region, particularly regarding recognition and respect for Swahili and Arab heritage.

0:00 Intro
2:30 Who is a Swahili?
4:11 How early did Arab Inhabit the Swahili Coast?
10:30 Propaganda Campaigns against Arab History in East African Coast
14:16 Using labels such as “Migrants” and “Foreigners” on Arabs
18:35 Denying Arab Identity out of fear of discrimination
25:20 Swahilis are united through ISLAM
29:30 African Identity
33:17 What stops Swahilis from uniting?
36:00 Conclusion

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