The Banadir Coast – Its peoples and their cultural history

Written by Mohammed Kassim & Abdulrahman Sh Issa

The Banadir coast is part of the more extended Swahili coast and is mainly known for having hosted the first Arab-Persian settlements. This article tries to highlight the rich cultural history of the Banadir coast and call for deeper researches on this neglected part of the Swahili coast.
The Banadir Coast - Its peoples and their cultural history

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Food is an enormous vessel for culture, reflecting the unique traditions and heritage of a community. However, the unfortunate phenomenon of cultural appropriation threatens to erode the authenticity of cuisine, as seen in the Somali appropriation of authentic Banadiri food. This issue highlights the broader problem of food colonialism and the need to protect cultural and culinary heritage from exploitation. Food colonialism refers to the historical and ongoing processes by which occupying powers exert control

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