The Swahili Devisive Politics of Identity

Written by Prof Ibrahim Sharif Noor

This paper is a response to the criticisms raised by Mr. Muhammad bin Yusuf on the views I had presented on some Zoom discussions concerning some historical events as to who had arrived first on the East African Coast: was it the Arabs from Yemen or the Bantus from West Africa?

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BREAKING: Muqtar Aba Nur Mayike Appointed as Chairman of Barawa District Court

Barawa, Banadir – The coastal town of Barawa is rejoicing as Muqtar Aba Nur Mayike, a native Banadiri, has been appointed as the new chairman of the Barawa District Court. This appointment marks a significant milestone for Banadiri representation in positions of authority. Muqtar Aba Nur Mayike was born and raised in Barawa, where he received his primary and secondary education. After completing his schooling, he moved to Mogadishu to pursue higher education opportunities. Muqtar’s

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