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Famous Sayings from Barawa

Below are some sayings and idioms (also known as Mahmah) that are commonly used by the Barawa people. “Menza chirenza” A friend is a razor

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Barawa and the Comoros

Mwana Fatima Hadji Mbarawa grandmother of Mwana Fatima (photo) wa Said Abdallah wa Said Bakar wa Mwigni M ‘ kou, the qualifier ′′ Mbarawa ′′

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Nasib Bunda, Capo Di Goscia.

NASSIB BUUNTO (d. c. 1907)

“ Nasib Bunda, Capo Di Goscia Leader of the Gosha confederation and the hero of antislavery. Though the Arabs addressed him as sultan of the

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Poetry is the epitome of the Somali people's way of life, throughout history

Somalia – A Nation of Poets

Poetry is the epitome of the Somali people’s way of life, throughout history, poetry was used from commemorating religious occasions, praising famous people, to indirect

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