The Aw Mukhtar & Aw Sheikh Omar also known as the Twin Mosques (Somali: Masaajidka Mataanaha) is now a large mosque in the historical Hamar Weyne district in Mogadishu.


The Twin mosques up until recently was made up of 2 separate mosques the Aw Muqtaar mosque which is rumoured to have existed around 700 years according to the elders and the Aw Sheikh Omar mosque which is a more recent established mosque and has existed for about 2 centuries prior to the 2 mosques joining. These two mosques had a feature that may be unique to the Islamic world. Where they both shared the same courtyard and the same tank for ritual ablution, but they had 2 separate imams along with 2 prayer rooms facing each other. Where prayers would be done at the same exact time. 



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